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Project Management


What our biomass experience means for you.

We understand the unique challenges of biomass generation. With decades of experience our proven solutions help you to reduce costs, improve reliability and ensure compliance. 

We share 15 years’ experience of generation from biomass and waste wood to give you valuable insights into key issues including fuel analysis, sampling and quality, and understanding the characterization of feedstocks. 
Benefit from our specialist team’s hands on experience of biomass plant issues include slagging, fouling, corrosion, biomass ash and the impact of fuel quality on performance.
Biomass conversion projects have given us invaluable experience to support your conversion of plants to wood pellets or alternative fuels.



See our biomass conversion expertise in action.

We assessed opportunities and consequences for both a partial and full conversion of a steam generator including a new build option for an additional boiler. The desired output of the unit was set at 300 GWh per year based on biomass combustion. Alternative scenarios were evaluated focusing on technical and economic consequences.

Main considerations: Fuel selection, necessary technical measures, emission output to environment, efficiency, performance, unit parameters and timeline.



Convert to new fuels to reduce costs, improve reliability and ensure compliance.

  • Continued and optimized use of existing infrastructure of power facilities with planning certainty

  • Lower emissions of CO2, SO2 and NOx to the environment

  • Reduced primary energy factor and higher energy efficiency

  • Integration and use of cheaper, better performing and up-to-date generation technologies

  • Social responsibility and public funding opportunities identified whenever available


From feasibility studies to commercial operation, we can help. Before starting a conversion, we assess and clarify various aspects of the project. We consider technical feasibility and routing option alternatives available from equipment manufacturers. 

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