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Small Enclosures

Compact Enclosures

IT Rack Systems

IT Enclosures

Console Systems/Industrial Workstations

Support Arm Systems

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Outdoor Enclosures


Power Distribution

Busbar Systems

Ri4Power Distribution 

ISV Enclosures

IT Power Distribution

blue e+.jpg

Climate Control

Panel Cooling Units

Fan & Filter Units

Air/air Heat Exchangers

Air/water Heat Exchangers

Thermoelectric Coolers

Liquid Cooling Package (LCP)


IT Cooling

Aisle Containment

Enclosure Heater

Climate Control Accesorries



Automation System

Perforex Machining Centre BC

Perforex Laser Center LC

Busbar Machining CW 120

Cutting Center Secarex AC 18

Assembly Frame

Terminal Block Assembly Athex TC 80 CS

Automated Wire Processing Machine

Length-cutting Machine C8+

Stripping Machine S22

Crimping Machine L8 / R8 / R8 E / RC

Storage and Transport Trolley LT 1000

Manual Tools :

- Tool bag

- Screwdrivers

- Pliers

- Hole Punching Tools

- Wiring Duct Cutter MC 125

- Wire and Ferrules


IT Infrastructure

RiMatrix S Standard Room

RiMatrix S Standard Security Room

RiMatrix S Standard Container

RiMatrix S Efficiency Package

IT Rack Systems

IT Enclosures

IT Power

IT Cooling

IT Monitoring

IT Security Solutions

Modular Data Center Solutions


System Accessories




Baying System


Roof/Wall Mounting

Interior Installation

System Lights

Voltage Supply

Cable Management

19" Installation
It Monitoring

Human/Machine Interface


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